Education, Determination and Perseverence in 2015

This will be the year for me to learn many new things.  I’ve recently enrolled in an Microsoft Excel, Landscape and Garden Design and some Watercolor Painting online courses.  Most importantly, I also signed on for this Blogging 101 course for 30 days which is why I am here.  I started my blog in 2013 but I’m not working it.  Ideas would float in and out of my head on what I could blog about but other priorities always got in the way or I get “stuck” in the design side of the blog and the posts. The time to relaunch the site is now.  That said, I have created a list of story ideas and have also decided to devote one day a week to spotlight one of my vendors.  I will commit to 2 posts a week…the Vendor Spotlight (got to think of a better title) and another on the subject of interior design or gardening.  My lifetime passion of gardening coupled with my nearly 30 years in the interior design field have given me many stories and photographs and there are more evolving every day.

I pledge to be a good student, do my homework and network as time allows.  I’m looking forward to blogging becoming second nature to me and something I don’t put off ever again.

I’ll close with one of my favorite quotes.  “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!”  I’m doing just that!

2 responses to “Education, Determination and Perseverence in 2015

  1. Hi Denise,I feel like a stalker who reads and enjoys your posts but never comments! Thanks for all the beautiful photos shared..especially your garden! Looking forward to your not know where you find the time and energy with your busy schedule,happy New Year. MaryK

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