Reimagining the Ordinary… Assignment 2

Today’s assignment was to review our Blog Title and Tag Lines and consider whether to make changes and how to accomplish them.  That brought me back to my first ever blog post.  Rereading it made me smile as I wrote of how I get stuck on the design and presentation and ended with the same quote that I used in my 1st assignment of Blogging 101…”Feel the fear and do it anyways.”  Consistent, I am.

But back to my blog title and tag line and today’s assignment.  I am pleased with both.  I spent a lot of time initially to get it right. “Just Imagine Extraordinary” was chosen because another blogger is blogging as “Just Imagine.” I have been using the slogan “Just imagine…”  in my branding for more than 20 years because it sums up our work of helping others create dream spaces.  We are charged with taking ordinary spaces and tweaking them up to extra-ordinary.  After all, that is why they hire us.  I hope my tag line “Reimagining the ordinary in homes, gardens and life” reinforces the content of the blog.  I want to share creativity, inspiration and a sense of fun in home decor, gardening and living life well.


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