Dear Dream Reader,

A favorite pin from our Pinterest Board – Celebration Decoration.

Is this you?  Thank you for reading “Just Imagine ExtraOrdinary.” I hope you find our content interesting and informative as this is our goal. My Blogging 101 assignment for the day is to put out a post to our dream reader. I know you’re very busy so I’ll try to limit posts to a quick read that inspires an idea or two for you. After all, to keep you reading we must fulfill the WIIFM (“what’s in it for me”) need. To encourage you to follow our posts they must spark your curiosity. Whether you love interior decorating, gardening or just loving life, we hope you can relate to it. Even better, you’ll invite others to check us out as a valuable source of creativity. One of my favorite online hangouts is Pinterest. This site is a big WIIFM satisfier. Here at Denise Maurer Interiors (aka dmi) we use the site often. We use secret boards with clients to share ideas, products and images. It’s a great way to work together when not together. We also have general boards filled with visuals on a variety of interests. Take a peek at our Pinterest boards: You’ll find ideas on decorating, tablescapes, party ideas, gardens and some of my favorite interests like Fairy Gardens and Simply Trees Explore. Repin. Dream! Does it meet your WIIFM? If so, you would be a dream reader for this blog and suggest you subscribe here so you get immediate posts. You might also want to follow us on Pinterest. Your comments are welcome. We want to fulfill your WIIFM. We want you to Just imagine!

2 responses to “Dear Dream Reader,

  1. Hey there. I love the blog space, great layout and design. A few things I would prefer laid differently, (a matter of taste, obviously).
    1. I want to rate your piece after I’ve read it not before
    2. One massive paragraph is laborious to read, maybe pull it apart and lay it out; separate with bullet points or just a new paragraph.
    I love the content and writing.

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