There’s An App For That


Thinking about updating a room or starting on one from scratch? Have you thought of all the decisions and selections needed before you can put your plan into action? Your answers could be just a click or touch away. Today’s
technology makes it so much easier to find inspiration and keep track of all the details necessary to such an
undertaking. Perhaps you’ve visited Houzz, a website where you can explore options and
interact with professionals. Or even save Ideabooks on your project so that you can return to the visuals and
information time and time again.
Maybe you have discovered the fun of “pinning” ideas on Pinterest boards.
I use secret Pinterest boards with my clients as a repository for all things to consider. It’s a way to communicate in between appointments and to keep all the ideas together in one place. For example, a board for a bathroom
might include numerous sink and vanity styles as well as image of other baths that you admire. See tile designs
you like? Simply Pin It. Pin your faucets, tile and lighting choices to the boards and you can begin to form a picture of what your new bath could be. Link back to the source of information and you can read reviews and
specifications to be more confident of your choices.
As we review and select options, I also build a Moodboard where
one can get a quick overall idea of how items will work together.

Using the same example of renovating a bath, I
have included a Before photo of the space, their Moodboard that I assembled for them and the After result. Here’ s how it came together. First, I started an Ideabook on Houzz to review with the client. We found a look that they loved. From there, between visiting showrooms and online searches, I pinned choices to their secret board. Again, we reviewed them and further narrowed down selections based on their preferences.
As the design plan evolves, I paste products and inspiration onto a Moodboard. If there were 3 sinks that worked well with the countertop and stone choices, I could put them all on the Moodboard for the client to see. The
images can be enlarged, and moved around to help with the decision making. Select a sink; I then delete the other 2 options and move onto the next phase of design. Perhaps it is lighting or tile design or changes to the existing
footprint of the room. As further choices are finalized, the board begins to the shape of the ultimate outcome. You can then print it off to take with you and to show to others.
Never has visualization and organization been so easy for consumers. All of the above resources are not just for
professionals but for you, the home dweller. You can use the tools with contractors and artisans who will help you realize that dream to check these out and Just imagine …

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